VPS.net logoBrowsing around the various forums, I saw VPS.net mentioned as a good VPS provider.

Signup and provisioning of the initial VPS server was relatively painless. I chose the Ubuntu 8.04 image. It seemed relatively fast (at first), but seemed to fluctuate. While compiling the web server software to test, it locked up. Wasn’t sure what happened. Cancelled and tried it again. No luck. I proceed to update all the Ubuntu patches, rebooted and finally got the webserver compiled.

While working with it, at one point, I entered the “w” command to simply see the load. It locked up, became unresponsive and rebooted a few minutes later. A few days later, the same thing happened.

I am NOT impressed, at all, with their level/quality of service. I wouldn’t even recommend it for testing purposes.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve had dozens of VPSes with Slicehost and Linode and have never encountered any issues like these.

So I cancelled VPS.net and figured since I only had an account for 2-3 days, I would get a refund…. NOPE. Must of been confused from looking at a few different providers. Regardless, there should be some kind of refund, at least pro-rated.

UPDATE: Refund was issued since I used the service for so short a period. But don’t count on this being frequent or becoming a policy.