WAMP5 LogoBack in April I wrote a snippet about the WebServ WAMP package, but I found a new and better one that beats the pooooo out of WebServ.

WAMP5 (1.6.4a) is basically the same but with more up to date components and has an excellent taskbar menu that can take care of a LOT of the functions you need when configuring Apache, MySQL & PHP as well as PERL and some of the other components. WAMP5 Menu(see screenshot)
I’ve installed this on two machines now and it seems to work well. The only thing that didn’t seem to work right away was the ActiveState PERL.

I did get the ZEND Optimizer installed ok and the MySQL Administrator/QueryBrowser tools.

These three packages are available on the WAMP5 site as addons to the main WAMP5 (1.6.4a) and seem to install seamlessly, even restarting the Apache daemon after installation.

If you have been looking for a good way to host your WordPress or have any PHP blog, need a development server to create a theme for it or have hosting capability and just want a simple Apache setup, check this out.

If you are going to use Permalinks on WordPress and others, be sure to turn on mod_rewrite in the menu shown to the right under the “Apache Modules” section. That drove me nuts for a little while until I figured it out. Some additional config file editing may be required to specifically get various blog’s Permalinks to direct correctly.