Dennis Clayton

Entrepreneur, IT Consultant, Web Designer,
Systems Administrator & Integrator

I am part of a passionate group of designers and developers

We build things online. Nice things. From full service branding to websites, marketing campaigns as well as 4k video creation for commercials and more. We can handle just about anything.


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Here are some of the things, I myself, do for the group

Web Hosting

We don’t define a set of “standard” hosting plans like some ISPs. We typically provide custom solutions based on your needs instead of jamming servers full of software that 90% of people do not use.

Email Hosting

In this age, email is a critical part of day-to-day operations for any business that needs to communicate online. Managing even a small email system on your own can be expensive and very aggravating. Let us help you save $$$.


Whether it be a slightly stained, worn, ripped or faded photo, low quality scanned images, or a digital picture that simply needs color, adjustments, we can fix it to the extent of your choosing.


From Internet service to Modern Virtual PBX phone systems, we can assist in all your online communications