Apple iPhoneI’m looking forward to the first consumer reviews of the iPhone in the blogosphere this evening as people get home with their new phones. Lots of people are comparing it to phones that aren’t even in the same class saying how “bad” certain things are when they haven’t even used the iPhone.My only minor suggestions are.

  1. Initially, don’t try and compare the iPhone to all the other existing phones out there. The iPhone is a completely unique device and should be “rated” on it’s own merits.
  2. Before dismissing any specific feature, make sure that you haven’t overlooked anything.
  3. READ THE MANUAL or use the online help to make sure you are doing everything “correctly”

Following these suggestions should ensure unnecessary posts about how bad this and that is and then people coming onto your blog saying “You need to do this thing first and then it’ll work…” type of comments. I just bought $4000 in Apple stock (AAPL) yesterday, so I’m hoping for a good return

(Obvious subliminal message: GO BUY AN iPHONE or 4!)