Freelance Services

Are you a freelance web developer who wants to simplify your IT Infrastructure overhead and spend more time developing?

If you use VPS or dedicated servers, I can help you by providing services similar to the ones offered on our servers. If you would like to migrate away from unreliable or overly complex third-party providers and provide a more “branded” experience for your clients, my team can setup your own servers and provide things such as custom nameservers for your domains ( to convey a more professional image.

From backups to updates, optimization and security, we will help you identify ways to streamline your operations and secure your systems and customer data.

We can also setup things like subversion (SVN) repositories and development web space so you don’t take risks with your production environment.

Consultation is available for other services such as client billing, customer relationship management (CRM) and general project management applications.

Contact me for more information.