symbol_usb.jpgI have a Thumbdrive, a 4gb Lexar Firefly. It’s performance has always been marginal.  Much slower than the rest of my smaller drives… I figured it might be due to the larger size and lived with it.  Some computers seemed to read/write to it a little faster than others, but it wasn’t a huge difference.

Well, I picked up a new Lenovo 3000 J Series PC tonight and set it up with the standard Windows Vista Home Premium edition that came with it and plugged in this slow drive… It read off it about 10 times faster than any PC I’ve ever used… From laptops, to servers, to a dual core dell at work that has 4gb of RAM.  Not one of those computers read it as fast as this Lenovo.  I was able to copy a 1.6gb ZIP off this thing in less than 4 minutes….

I always knew there were differences from PC to PC, but never realized it would be this big of a difference.