I decided to go ahead and get a PDA… Got a Dell X50v since I could get it on my Dell Business Credit.

It has built in WiFi and Bluetooth which makes it very connectable to various types of networks.

It runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition on a Intel PXA270 processor @ 624mhz. It has 64mb of RAM and 128mb of ROM memory. I went ahead and grabbed a 512mb SD card to load up some music and stuff as well.

Software wise it comes with Pocket Outlook, Word, Excel, MSN, Internet Explorer, File Explorer, and some other misc utilities so it’s pretty useable right out of the box. I wish tho it had a better importation feature to import contacts… Have to look into that more so I don’t have to manually type everyone into the contacts.

Probably the best piece of software on it is the Terminal Services Client… For those not familiar with it, it allows you to remotely connect to your Windows XP box if you have Remote Desktop turned on, as well as to Windows 200x servers. I connected to my Windows Servers and was able to do just about anything I could do from the machine itself. It actually shrunk the Desktop on the server down to fit on the screen. With the 640×480 resolution, it is still VERY crisp. The screen is beautiful.

It is also amazing how many Wireless APs you will find with one of these… I can walk around my neighborhood (in nowhere KY) and connect to any number of the 7-8 APs people have unsecured and it roams real well between them if you set it up right… I was even down on Lake Cumberland today and was able to connect to someones AP and check my email. Crazy stuff.

The battery is nice to because it is small and removable so you can change it and pop in an extra if necessary. When the battery door is open it goes into a sleep mode until the new battery is inserted and the door is closed. And even with the small size, I believe it is still 1100mah… So it lasts for quite a while even using the WiFi…

That’s really all there is to say for now… I may post stuff about it in the future as I run across cool features or software.