Declaration of WarIt is time that we defend our country from these foreign infiltrators… This has gone on too long. These people come here, get low-paying under the table jobs, and suck the areas they live in dry. Hospitals have gone out of business due to an overwhelming number of illegals getting medical care and not paying for it.It is now time for those who are not U.S. Citizens, (children of illegals born here should not be citizens), to leave. They need to be rounded up and dumped on the other side of the fence.

upsidedown.jpgAnyone who crosses back over after deportation should be shot. And those who are here legally and are citizens that commit treasoness acts should be imprisoned or deported and stripped of US Citizenship. Plain and simple.

Once they are back in Mexico, they should have to stay there for 2 years minimum before being able to apply to even visit the U.S., yet alone work. Work permits will be granted on an as needed basis, legally, through an employer. But the employer first has to prove that there is not a single American who wants the job.

This is our country and it’s long overdue that we, the “original Americans” take it back from those who are disrespecting our laws and traditions.