COLOGNE, Germany (Hollywood Reporter) – German film critics are up in arms over Paramount’s worldwide embargo on reviews of Steven Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds” until the film’s day-and-date release next Wednesday.

The country’s leading film critics association launched an official protest Wednesday against what it calls “a violation of basic constitutional rights.”

A violation of basic constitutional rights?

Because they don’t get to see the movie before anyone else?!?!

What a bunch of BIG BABIES! Get over it.

They call this a “A violation of basic constitutional rights”, but put down the U.S. led war on terrorism to free entire nations from dictators and terrorists who have a grip over them.

They should get to see a movie early, but the U.S. should stop fighting around the world and let the islamo-facists take away “basic constitutional rights” that those people don’t even fully have yet!

What is this world coming to?!