Photo Retouching, Restoration & Airbrushing

Are you a photographer that needs some help making your photos the best they can be?

Are you a consumer who needs blemishes or obstructions removed from a person or elsewhere in the image?

No matter if you are an amateur or professional photographer, I can provide reasonably priced restoration and airbrushing service.

I have many years of experience working from many types of source images.  Whether it be a slightly stained, worn, ripped or faded photo, low quality scanned images, or a digital picture that simply needs color, brightness or contrast adjustments, I can fix it to the extent of your choosing. If I can’t you are out nothing.

If the photos are hard copies, contact me for an address to send them to. I will scan them, make corrections to your satisfaction and take extra special care to make sure they return to in the same condition.

I can then either send you digital corrections online, on a physical disk with both the original scans with the final corrections and/or printed at any standard size on quality photo paper. I am very flexible with the methods of delivery. No matter, you will get your originals and corrections in any method chosen.

Below are a few simple before/after examples of what I can do. There are so many more. Inquire if you want more or think you have challenging ones for me. 🙂

Dennis Clayton

Entrepreneur, IT Consultant, Web Designer, Systems Administrator & Integrator