200_godaddy_logo.gifI’ve been a GoDaddy Reseller here for about 2 years and use it mostly for the domains I own, my customers, friends and family and REALLY enjoy the quality of their service.

The domains are cheap, have an excellent interface and tons of features.

Tonight, I just ordered 2 dedicated servers from them as well as a Virtual Dedicated server for my WordPress blogs. I just cancelled an order with The Planet due to it taking much longer to get a single server up than they said it would. GoDaddy claims 12-24 hours at the most. We’ll see.

As a Pro Reseller, I get excellent discounted rates on the services I offer, almost 10-20% off of GoDaddy‘s already rock-bottom prices. So I get all three of these servers for about the same price for one slower server at The Planet.

The Planet, I’m sure, is a great provider, but they just couldn’t seem to get their act together to get a single server online in a timely manner. I may look at them again in the future, but for now, I’m sticking with GoDaddy.

Overall, the BEST part of my experience is my white-box customer support for my reseller account. I can call them anytime, 24/7/365 and have virtually NO wait time whatsoever. I’ve called three times tonight and was never on hold for longer than 10 seconds after getting through a few simple prompts.

Once connected, it’s not some answering service, there is someone on the line that can do virtually anything for me, they’re kind, courteous and patient (especially when I call and play dumb).

Best of all, they all here in America! Not some off-shored answering service or congested domestic CS reps that leave at 8pm.

I’m not comparing GoDaddy in any way with The Planet except when it comes to server setup and Customer Service (especially sales) quality. The Planet‘s Customer Service reps were nice, but not all of them were well versed in all areas of operation like GoDaddy‘s were.

Another post will follow once I get all my GoDaddy stuff setup and running.