Why I’m Quitting Apple – Specifically iPhones

To start, I’ve always been an Apple fan – more than that really, an Apple evangelist, when it comes to technology, unified hardware/software platform, design aesthetics, mobile app security and so on.

Back in 2007, I bought the original iPhone 1 even though there was not even 3G service in my region (rural KY). Finally it came. Over the years I bought the iPhone 3G, 4, 4s, 5s and now am still using an iPhone 6s because my contract ends in February. I also had the original iPad 1, original iPad Mini and now have a iPad Mini 2 that serves my purposes.

But come time to buy another phone, it will NOT be an iPhone… Here’s one of the numerous reasons why, starting at the latest and are two major ones that have made it hard to explain to people why I like(d) Apple.

The Fire

The other day a clients, and good friend of mine, house burnt down. It was a complete loss, his phone, laptop and everything else he owned was completely destroyed, he basically had the few clothes on his back and his vehicle.

Being a small business owner, he went to his cellular carrier and bought a new iPhone 8 as soon as he could. He lives in a very rural area and didn’t even really need WiFi at home, so when I saw him at the local tap room, he would almost religiously backup his iPhone to the iCloud ever since the Android he had prior was stolen and he wasn’t able to retrieve all his data remotely.

I had actually recommended him get an iPhone as a replacement to it because I’ve restored to new devices for years and never had any troubles.

So it’s now after his life was turned upside down and everything is lost and one little additional thing happens to him. He forgets his iCloud password… No big deal, just got to the iForgot page. I meet up with him, start through the process, he remembered the iCloud account User ID so we enter that, his phone number, partially obscured (***-***-**95) is displayed and we enter the full number, it’s the “Trusted Number” on his Apple ID. A text message is received from Apple and is entered correctly, but since the new iPhone be bought is not the original “Trusted Device” on his account, it will not allow him to reset the password.

So it suggests “Account Recovery”… Account Recovery asks him no additional information such as his security questions or CC information verification and immediately states it is going to take 12 days to recover…

12 days? Really? So your house burns down, just suck it up and take a 12 day vacation from business and wait for Apple to get around to helping you.

So I read around Apple forums where it says additional information may be required and he was ready to give, but it couldn’t be done online… So I called Apple Support with him, we explained the situation and the rep stated, unequivocally, that there was nothing that could be done and that “12 days wasn’t so bad, some people have to wait up to a month”… We reiterated the complete loss he experienced in the fire and the rep said there was nothing he could do.

I don’t blame the rep, I blame Apple.

  • I understand the need for security, but when my friend can’t even immediately provide the additional information needed (online or via a rep), that is unacceptable.
  • His new iPhone should have automatically became the new “Trusted Device” on his Apple ID since both the ID and the phone are connected to his phone number through the carrier that is a direct partner of the Apple Corporation. This is the most obvious, simple and secure way in my opinion.
  • Granted, my friend probably didn’t update his iCloud since the last round of security precautions were put in place, but Apple should have either a) Forced him to via on phone messages, where he would’ve contacted me or b) allowed him to recover with the lesser security on his account since he established it.

It seems that in the process of studying all use cases, implementing them and making the iCloud accounts the most “secure”, Apple forgot that sometimes the information needed to do so was never entered into someones iCloud account, hence them should have “forcing” the user to update the information.

To finish up this particular issue, 12 days is way too long, not having ANY way to expedite the process is unacceptable, especially when Apple users place virtually their entire lives, which Apple encourages, onto their device. In my friends case, the iPhone was his only Apple device and if my suggestions are taken, will be his last.

Older iDevices

Another friend of mine received an older iPad that still had her iCloud account connected to it. She also forgot her password and since it was an older account, it didn’t have all the information Apple *currently* requires to reset the password, therefore that account could not be removed, older apps connected to that account could not be updated, etc. So she decided to wipe it, being an older iOS version, it allowed her to wipe it, but when it came back to the setup process an “iCloud Activation Lock” was put in place and, basically, could not be removed.

The entire iPad become worthless and bricked and since it was bought used, she could not provide the original proof of purchase Apple required. I did my best to “hack” my way in, find a way to install another OS or something to make the device usable again, but Apple locks even their hardware down so much, none of that was possible.

Not having infinite time or money to pursue it, I gave up helping that person. I apologized for Apple being how they are to both of the people mentioned and will no longer recommend Apple devices to any of my clients, friends or family ever again if asked.


Apple isn’t perfect, Android isn’t perfect, nothing is really, but I personally feel much better having my devices intimately connected with my GMail account (GSuite), that I use every day, than with an iCloud account that I don’t and is completely based on Apple’s methods. At least Google offers secure and smaller waiting period to recover accounts. Even though I have friends horror stories of account recovery with Google, I know myself or my clients I manage will never have that issue.

So what am I getting next? Most likely a Google Nexus 5X or 6P that is directly integrated with the GSuite account, the same GSuite account connected even to the Google Chromebook I’m typing this message on at this very moment.

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iPhone Class Action Suit?

What a complainer… Sure, there are going to be bugs, lots of them sometimes in the case of a new product of this type… People should almost expect them.

We all knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time. A lawsuit has been filed against Apple over what the plaintiff is referring to as the “Defective iPhone 3G,” which she hopes will become a class-action complaint. Alabama resident Jessica Alena Smith filed the complaint yesterday against the iPhone maker, alleging that the new iPhone’s 3G performance and reliability has been subpar, despite the claims made by Apple’s aggressive marketing campaign. Considering that a true fix has yet to be issued for users’ 3G problems, this could just be the tip of the iPhone lawsuit iceberg. More >>

But now, this woman wants to file a class action lawsuit against Apple due to 3G not living up to her expectations.  Even though the Infineon 3G chipset may be a bit flawed, it’s still not completely Apple’s fault.  AT&T is the provider and that can cause the dropcalls, coverage (or lack of) issues and so on.

I live in Kentucky and don’t even have 3G where I live, so I cannot really vouche for the quality, but I did get a chance to travel to Lexington KY this past week and had NO problems whatsoever… Actually my 3G was much faster on my phone that one of my friend’s tethered BlackBerry.  I brought up pages much faster on my phone than he did on his laptop.

Some people just don’t have anything better to do… Just ask for a refund and get a different phone… geesh.

Outrageous Mexican Absolut Ad

This is the end of all my support for this company… They put this ad up in Mexico to, in my opinion, embolden the Mexicans in their takeover of the American southwest.

They claim:

“In no way was it meant to offend or disparage, nor does it advocate an altering of borders, nor does it lend support to any anti-American sentiment, nor does it reflect immigration issues,” Absolut said in a statement left on its consumer inquiry phone line.

So what did they expect it to convey? Is it not anti-American to post an ad that shows the areas that are currently being “taken over” taken over by Mexico? This ad, considering the current climate of illegal immigration, is probably the most outrageous thing I’ve seen in a LONG time.

This should be a message and wake up call to the leaders in Washington of how America is being perceived by the world. America is slowing losing its sovereignty and identity to those who come here and do not believe in our law or want to integrate into the society which hosts them… Absolut’s pandering of Mexican anti-American sentiment is disgusting.

I have a little Absolut left at home, but I’m not going to pour it out. I’m going to happily drink to their demise. They will receive none of my business in the future.

Viva Ketel One!

WTF is going on these days?

I wonder what the fuck is going on these days when people are more outraged about a few people killing some dogs than a few people absolutely slaughtering 2 human beings…Here are the two cases… First is Michael Vick, the football player. His story gets TONS of coverage on every major media outlet. People are screaming that he be punished harshly…

vick.jpg“Three co-defendants of Michael Vick had agreed to plea deals in exchange for contributing evidence to the case against Vick, who was charged with taking animals over state lines as part of a dogfight gambling ring.Graphic details of his abuse of the dogs, including brutal methods of killing the animals, led to protests against him outside the courtroom and the club’s headquarters.Graphic details of his abuse of the dogs, including brutal methods of killing the animals, led to protests against him outside the courtroom and the club’s headquarters.”After consulting with his family over the weekend, Michael Vick asked that I announce today that he has reached an agreement with federal prosecutors regarding the charges pending against him,” Martin’s statement said. “

Then you have the following absolutely brutal case.

The animals pictured below car-jacked, then raped Christopher Newsom, cut off his penis, then set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch. An even more cruel fate awaited her!


Channon Christian, was beaten and gang-raped in many ways for four days by all of them, while they took turns urinating on her. Then they cut off her breast, put chemicals in her mouth, set her on fire (murdering her) and left her body in the apartment in 5 separate trash bags.

The chemical they poured in her mouth was bleach, to destroy the DNA in all the semen from days of gang rape. They gang raped her in all three major orifices. Anal, vaginal and oral. Imagine that for ONE second. Just the act of rape alone would justify life in prison and major outrage by everyone.This story hardly got any coverage and I watch the news often, but most of the public outrage was “muted”… Where were all the typical players in speaking out against this? Imagine if this were a young black couple who had the same gruesome thing done to them by 4-5 white perps. There would be mobs out to get them. The Duke rape case being a good example. The Duke Lacrosse players didn’t even kill her, and ultimately were acquitted of all charges surrounding the case. The media had a field day covering the Duke case, but where is the outrage when it is a black-on-white crime? Especially something as brutal as this?I bet if the couple were black, and the perps were black, none of this would have even happened… They (the 5 monsters above) would’ve ignored the black couple completely. But this isn’t even being treated as a “hate crime” even though the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s are pushing for hate crime legislation.Other interesting stats.In 1989, the FBI reported the following:

  • Blacks commit 8 times more assaults than Whites.
  • Blacks commit 9 times more rapes than Whites.
  • Blacks commit 14 times more murders than Whites.
  • Blacks commit 19 times more armed robberies.
  • Black neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than White neighborhoods.
  • There were 629,000 interracial attacks committed in 1985 (the last year the FBI “chose” to report this information). Some nine out of every ten were committed by Blacks against Whites.
  • Black males (6% of the population) make up 46% of the nation’s prison population.

And don’t get hasty and call me a “RACIST”, just look at what I’ve stated above and the FBI stats and many other sources for black on white crime and tell me HONESTLY, there isn’t an imbalance here. PLEASE.

Deadly virus phone rumors frighten Afghans

Things like this just amaze me!

cellvirus.jpgKABUL (Reuters) – rumors swept through Afghanistan on Monday that a deadly virus was being spread by mobile telephone calls, and government officials scrambled to reassure the public the talk was rubbish.

Many worried Afghan mobile phone users called family and friends, warning them not to answer calls from strange numbers. Some people said they had heard that several people had been killed by the mystery virus in Kabul at the weekend.

“Don’t answer any strange number because it contains a virus that will kill you,” said Ahmad Fawad, a shop owner in Kabul.

The rumors appear to have spread from neighboring Pakistan where last week a similar scare frightened countless mobile phone users.

Officials from the Afghan interior, communications and health ministries appeared on television and said the talk was baseless.

Gore: The Planet has a Fever!

r1971894672b.jpgIt’s been PRETTY cold this year with HUGE airline tie ups in the North East, massive snow over the past holidays in Colorado and that region, stranding a co-worker of mine trying to get home to their family, forcing them to find alternative ground transportation. My friend ended up missing Christmas altogether, not getting home until the 27th even though he left the eastern US on the 23rd.

But it’s TOO WARM!!!  Too warm to fly planes!!  They all need to be cooled before taking off! Oh NO!

Come on! Give me a break! It’s funny how on a lot of the days there are “global warming” events over the winter months, the temperature hits record lows, cancelling the event or preventing most of the attendees from arriving.


Gore insisted that the link is beyond dispute and is the source of broad agreement in the scientific community.

“The planet has a fever,” Gore said.

No, Mr. Gore, I think you are the one with a fever, you look pretty bad in this picture, YOU better go see a doctor… And have him check your head too. I think your mommy might have dropped you too hard on it and now the area of your brain that processes temperature is damaged.