Found this over on Moon’s blog and thought I would repost it for everyone here as well.

Political Correctness has run amuck, it’s time to stop it. Do you part and be Politically Incorrect today! I’m sure I will, as I usually am at least once a day. 🙂

This is just plain stupid:

The NCAA has denied William & Mary’s appeal of a ruling that prohibits it from using its logo showing two Indian feathers at NCAA championship events or from hosting NCAA tournament games where the logo would be displayed.

Now, here’s the logo the NCAA is so upset with:

Note to NCAA, Indians don’t grow feathers, birds do. Now, wanna see the kicker to this stupid decision?

In that same ruling, the NCAA said William and Mary’s nickname, the Tribe, was not necessarily abusive, hostile or offensive, and therefore still could be used.

Bird feathers are abusive, hostile, or offensive, but a direct reference to Indians is not?

That makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. The NCAA has lost its collective mind.