index_safari20070611.gifI’ve been waiting for years for Apple to port over Safari to Windows, saying that doing so would perhaps, over time, persuade a person who was interested in Apple PCs to switch if they liked the software.  See excerpt from the press release

ThinkEquity Partners analyst Jonathan Hoopes said Apple wants people to get a feel for how good its products are by using the browser on Windows. When they experience Apple’s “goodness,” Hoopes said they will feel encouraged to buy Macintosh computers.

iTunes went over quick because the success of the service depended upon it.  Now the PC version of Safari will make us users who love Mac feel better when we are forced to use PCs and the standard IE/Firefox combo at work.  I plan on looking to see how it is installed and see if I can get it to run off my thumbdrive.  “Portafari”.  I applaud Apple for finally doing this.  I’m sure perhaps they were waiting for the MacTel platform to stabilize so code porting would be minimal.  Guess it didn’t mac sense to port it from the original PPC version to x86.