Apple_Mini_Tablet_iPhoneOutside of a few minor updates to the iPhone (3G) and updated laptop line, Apple has gotten pretty stale.  I think they put the hopes of “Apple Faithful” (I’m one I’ll admit) into overdrive and couldn’t keep it up.  Sure the economy is a little bad.  Well maybe a lot bad, but if they would put out another totally new item, like the iPhone was, I think it would sell like hotcakes.

I’m at the point now, technically, where I have all the desktops I need… Also have a 17” and a 12.1” laptop, a Mac Mini, an older G5 Tower and some Dell servers.  Due to the price of the iPhone data plan, it has mostly been used for a PDA (I don’t have 3G here).  The only thing that would fill the void in my book would be a mini tablet (see picture) or a home server/firewall type device with TBs of storage space + N router + other goodies.

With something like $14,000,000,000 cash in the bank, they should be putting out new stuff for people to spend their “stimulus” monies on. 🙂