sc4301.jpgDoesn’t look like a Mac does it? But I think it’s probably perfoming better than a real Mac. The Mac Minis are only 1.66ghz Dualcore, the laptops and Desktop are only 2.16ghz Dualcore Intels…

My new Dell/Mac is 2.8 ghz… So it’s most likely performing better than anything Mac is currently selling.

How is this you may ask? How am I running MacOSX on a Dell?

I’m running MacOSX x86. Basically the same version that Apple is using on their Dualcore Macs. It has been modified a little to allow it to run on hardware other than apples, and it works GREAT!

My machine is a Dell SC-430 server, 2.8ghz Dualcore, 1gb RAM, 2x160gb SATA HDDs. The video card is a piece of crap 16mb integrated video, but it still performs EXCELLENTLY! There is absolutely no lagginess while running normal apps. Even the genie effect when minimizing things is very smooth, even at 1280×1024@32bit.

Being a server, there is no soundcard, but using a Logitech uSB headset, I can still get audio, MacOSX supports it just fine.

The integrated Network card wasn’t recognized, so I grabbed a stack of PCI NIC cards and went through them one by one until it found one, ended up working with an old Kingston 10/100 KNE100TX or something.

Being a Dualcore, the Rosetta translator works great, allowing me to run all the old PPC applications although a bit slower than the new UniBin apps.

From the time I pushed the POWER button on the front till the time it was completely booted was only 20 seconds! It is enormously fast!