I’m usually not too much into girly dance shows on TV, but I saw Shandi Finnessey on Dancing with the Stars which started tonight… My wife is a fan of it, and I get the 9pm slot for 24. And Heroes is now the favorite show of BOTH of us.

I like Shandi not only because she’s tall, cute and blond, but she’s also conservative, which is unusual among the Hollywood type.

“A Republican, she told Reuters she would use her position to help explain America’s involvement in Iraq. ‘What needed to be done had to be done,’ she said.”

Here are her pageant awards:

Miss Missouri 2002
Miss Missouri USA 2004
Miss USA 2004

Major Competition(s):
Miss America 2003
Miss USA 2004 (winner)
Miss Universe 2004

She is also the co-host for the Lingo show on GSN.