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Steve Elliott, President


Border Agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos have been ordered
by Judge Kathleen Cardone to surrender to the United States
Marshal by 3 pm (EST) today!

Both agents had filed a motion with the court to remain free
on bond while they appeal their case. With this ruling, the
agents must begin serving their sentences beginning today!

To read the story, and Grassfire’s news release click here:

Read Grassfire’s release:

I am outraged by this devastating ruling, and want our team
to know that this issue is not over!

This decision to send these men to prison–where they will
likely be placed among the drug dealers and gang members they
put in prison themselves will no doubt send a terrible message
to every law enforcement official in the nation, that our
justice department, our government no longer has your back!

Just two weeks ago, National Guardsmen were fired upon on
the border. But because they cannot engage, they had to retreat!

This is utter madness.

Yesterday, Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) delivered your petitions directly
to the White House in a twelfth-hour effort to keep these men
from going to prison. The White House did not respond. Why hasn’t
the President commented on this case? I want to know!

As mentioned earlier, this issue is far from over.

Grassfire is committed to working to free these men who swore
to protect us. Ron De Jong and I will be presenting your
petitions and meeting with members of the media today, and we
will challenge the President and our Justice System… In short,
we will be bold for these men, and I need you to do the same!

I am personally appealing to each member of our Grassfire team
to stand in the gap for agents Compean and Ramos. Continue
telling their story to friends and rallying much needed
grassroots support.

But it can’t end there. Continue pressuring the White House–
demanding they pardon these men!

Here is the White House number: 202/456-1111

Together we must be bold for these dedicated family men who
stood for us. Now we must stand for them until this terrible
wrong is made right!

Thanks for taking immediate action with me.

Steve Elliott
President Alliance

P.S: Please forward this message to ALL your friends and family.
Urge them to sign our petition and call the White House, today!

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