Website Hosting

We don’t define a set of “standard” hosting plans like some ISPs.  We typically provide custom solutions based on your needs instead of jamming servers full of software that 90% of people do not use.

Linux Hosting

To simplify our offerings and provide the most reliable hosting environment, we use the latest LTS versions of Ubuntu  running Cherokee Web Server with the standard configuration.

Apache, Lighttpd & nginx are available, but may incur additional fees to setup, tune and deploy. Other operating systems such as Fedora, Debian, Arch Linux, CentOS, Gentoo and others are available as well in both 32 and 64-bit flavors, but we only provide “managed” service for Ubuntu.

Windows Hosting

For those not familiar with Linux servers, we currently offer Windows based hosting utilizing Windows Server 2003 & 2008 running IIS 6 or 7, respectively.  ASP, ASP.NET and even PHP sites can be run under IIS.  There is an additional setup fee for Windows due to having to initially apply many security updates from Microsoft and perform “best practice” security checks. Managed service is possible upon request.

Windows & Linux Shared Hosting

For those with minimal needs, we provide basic hosting on a shared server, these servers are not oversold and are very secure. Even with others on the same machine, performance is still excellent.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Hosting

For very high volume sites, we utilize the immense power of a number of CDNs providers, such as Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloudfront, to serve massive amounts of content. Both HTML/Text and binaries are supported.

Your entire website can be hosted completely from a high power CDN. We have recently developed a hybrid solution to allow your site to retain some level of dynamics such as email contact forms, database form input and storage, etc.

Server Backups

Backups are an important part of any website, database or server, no matter the size.  We have built many custom scripts which automatically back up everything from specific files to entire servers.  Having daily backups can really provide peace of mind by knowing you have many weeks of previous versions.  On typical web servers, we backup “/etc/*”, “/var/www”, “/home/*” and a compressed dump of your database making it easy to return your server to a functional state in case of disaster.  The backed up files can easily be accessed via a simple browser (Firefox) plugin, Secure FTP or other secure method.

Website Statistics

Website statistics can be very useful in tailoring your content around the audience you are trying to attract. Using any number of website analytic services, you can see everything from the geographic region visitors are from to the path they follow through your website, browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions in use. Therefore, you can better format your content around the devices, browsers, keyword searches and your visitors are using.

Overall, Our pricing can range from $5/month for small low volume sites on a shared hosting server to $100’s/month on large VPS, dedicated and fully managed servers, price is primarily dependent upon hit volume, RAM, storage needs, bandwidth requirements, etc. Everything we do is custom so you are never overcharged or your system clogged with things you do not need, insuring a secure and robust solution.

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